Customer Experience as a competitive advantage

Customer Experience is a trending topic in Telecom industry…for the last 3 – 4 years everyone talks about it. Mainly driven by the fact that Telecom industry is facing extremely competitive market conditions driven by price competition, making necessary to differentiate in the market by some other factor than price (extremely painful in companies financial results). Telecom industry is a newcomer into the Customer Experience paradigm, almost no focus was put in the previous years to provide an enhanced experience. Other industries such as online retailing or airline industry are far more advanced in this domain.

Let’s take a look to Airline industry, and let’s focus on 2 completely different companies from the strategy perspective (Premium vs. Low cost) but with the same goal: provide an extremely pleasant experience.


One of the best airlines in the world with no doubt, we could refer to it as a Premium airline due to their image, state of the art planes, excellent customer support, easy to manage online service and overall excellent flying experience. Emirates is a clear example on focus on details, and also a good example that providing an enhanced experience does not mean to invest tones of money on it.

One small detail (and cheap to implement) providing a better experience to their customers is a set of 3 tags that every passenger on their planes is provided. These tags allow users to let the flight attendants let them know if you are willing to be waken up for meal, duty free or not to be disturbed. The passenger just needs to stick the tag in the header of his seat, in order to inform the crew about his will. It is simple, cheap and makes much more comfortable to travel and sleep with no worries to miss the meal, duty free or simply not to be disturbed. This same model has been implemented by other airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Cathay Airways, etc..


Air Asia

Nominated as the best low cost airline in five consecutive years, it is easy to understand why. Usually low cost airlines pay no attention to detail, just manage the cost of their operations in order to be extremely efficient. However, Air Asia makes flying with them easy, smooth even comfortable…online services are just great and ticket purchasing process is easy to follow. Comparing to other low cost airlines WW they don’t try to trick in the purchasing process with insurances, VIP services, food, etc…although these services do exist. At the same time, they offer “Business class” type cabin space for long distance trips for a small fee..they are trying to be different based on the same strategy and innovate in new services making easier and more comfortable to fly with them.


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