Unwrapping paper

Sometimes is about a fresh start…about having a new experience and of course, about enjoying what you do, and specially what you really fancy about. In my case, this is my chance to share my view and opinion in a set of topics that I really enjoy discussing and talking about.

From my perspective people opinions matter, and a different point of view is always enriching, this is just my purpose with this blog. Provide my view in the most understandable way about matter that I really love to discuss: Business. But with a special focus on the Technology and its strategic implications in our Business landscape. At the same time, I would like to have it as a discussion forum where anyone can provide input to the matters I have written about.

Variety of topics should be vast, ranging from the Telecom industry transformation; to the Airline business innovation…no boundaries are being initially established.

Hope you enjoy this journey that it is just beginning, same way I do.



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